Haire America would not return phone calls. Wine cellar would not hold temperature.

Sent in 15 dollars along with 8" of the ac cord to have a replace Item sent out. Every Time I call it goes to a phone center and they don't have any contact except sending email. Will never purchase again from this company. I don't understand why they can't answer the phones in a timely manner oppose to going to an answering service.

I will never recommend this company to a friend or co worker. I should have went directly back to the company where i purchased it

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I also had a wine cellar that was dual zone and the bottom fan quit after 2 years so I called service dept. I had purchased a extended service plan to replace or repair it,I was told it cost to much to repair(a $27.00 fan) and since they couldn't find a replacement they sent Me a check for what I paid 2 years ago which to replace now is over $200.00.

What a Joke... :(


Had the same experience. It doesn't matter if you talk to a real person as I did.

I also sent everything required for a warranty exchange and never received a new wine cellar.

They just kept coming up with lame excuses. Haier has the worst Products, Customer service, and definitely the worst WINE COOLER ever made!!!

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