14 months after we bought the refrigerator it stop working, parts and labor cost as much as new refrigerator and parts take weeks to get here, there is nothing in stock and parts will not be expedited so you feel stuck, customer service doesn't help the phone technician just forwards you to someone else waiting on the line.I guess that's what happens when you buy something on sale and you know it's to good to be true.

Never again will we buy a Haier product it was just a waste of money.So don't do it..

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Monetary Loss: $109.

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I bought this same mini refrigerator about 3 years ago for a classroom for water and lunches.Recently the interior temperature has not been as cool as it had in the past.

I blew all the dust out of the side and back vents hoping it would help. No such luck. I turned down the temperature, but have this ugly feeling it's only going to overheat and die anyway. I think I could fix it, but not so sure I want to put more time and money into it.

Reading your comments here make me realize I should have chosen a different mini-frig.

Can you suggest a decent mini-frig that is reliable and lasts??Thanks!


worked for 15 months then stopped completely. customer service can't even acknowledge this terrible product. you would have to be insane to purchase a Haier product from a company with poor service department.


The main problem i have seen with these units is the failure of either of the two DC fan units that mount onto the cooling fins behind the back panel/access cover.Many are completely shot and will not turn while some need a little coaxing after a shot of grease into the housing of the fan motor.

If you turn it up when it starts dropping off in cooling temp you run the very high risk of burning up one of the cooling units.Proper ventilation, cleaning the exhaust vents on the sides and the back, and not keeping it turned to max cooling are the best ways to keep this little, efficient little fridge working for years.


Mine did the same thing, I soldered in a fuse and every one I put in there just pops...so it is something else not the fuse that went...3 weeks ago it stopped getting cold and one week ago the power went out...Yep they are Junk, oh yeah made in china...we should have bought american guys...thx for listening...


My fuse blow out as well and I'm trying to find a fuse for it.The fuse is a 250V 3A that is soldered in there but finding one has been the actually problem.

You have to find one with wires already attached to it because standard store fuses (say from radioshack) won't bind to solder.

Or you'd have to find a fuse holder.So yeah, if I can find a replacement part then it will won't fine but finding one is too much of a pain so I might just forget it.


We bought one of these for our daughter's dorm room last summer.It quit working for her in April/May.

I took the back panel off to see if it was something easy/obvious to fix. There's a fuse right next to where the power comes on to the circuit board on the right side. Fuse was blown, so I thought 'cool, quick fix. Not so much.

First, they soldered the *** thing to the PCB. WTF? I unsoldered it and pulled it out, but it was so badly fried -and the amperage rating was unreadable- that I couldn't figure out what kind it was. Hoping it was just a power surge that blew it, I just soldered a wire in its place.

Plugged it back in and *pop* fried the next component down line.POS.

There are a few nice box fans in the unit, but everything else (I was googling to see if I could buy a new board when I found this site) is going in the trash.


:( My brother bought this same model on sale.The power went out and it wouldn't come back on.

We didn't even have it for a year. The parts are not in stock.

It's being used for a nightstand.Now that I read other people having the same problem, I think I will throw it out and forget about trying to fix it.


We bought one of these for our little sales office fridge. Less than a year and it is broken as well. Garbage.


I bought one that did not last a year.It was running fine until the power went out and it would not come back on.

These are not supposed to be disposable items.They should be made to last a couple of years anyway.


Mine just stopped working after one year.Obviously we all bought a piece of junk from a company that wont's stand behind their product.

And this is an American Company?Sad

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