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Just about every family in the USA uses their microwave every day. I have been without one for over 4 months now and was under a warranty at the time it broke down.

Called Haier America and was instructed to contact a service company of theirs to repair the unit in my home. Ok, call was made and an appointment was set up a week later. No show at the specified time. I called after a little while with the excuse they were running behind on a job and couldn't make it.

Ok, another appointment was made and the same excuse, couldn't make it running behind. Well, this went on about 9 or 10 more times with other excuses like, we don't have the part we need but we will order it and we'll call you when it arrives. Having taken off 2 days off from work and getting an excuse during this whole time was *** me off and that's when I called Haier America. They set me up with another company.

Same thing with this repair service. Back and forth with them at least 5 or 6 times with no positive results at all. Called Haier America again and now it's been about 2 1/2 months from the start. They tell me to box it up and deliver it to a drop off point out of my area.

In other words, disconnect the unit, unbolt it from the cabinet and drop it off. Easier said than done for me. I have severe Arthritis in my shoulder that would put me in pain if I tried it myself. Couldn't get any help so I called Haier back after 2 weeks.

Now they say they will send me a claim reimbursement form to be filled out and should arrive in a few days. By now everyone who reads this knows that another call was made 8 days later inquiring, where's the form? I was told they'll check that out and send another. Got the form days later and sent it back.

In the past 3 weeks I have talked to 3 service reps. The first 2 said they will call within 72 hours with a response. We all know how far that went, no call back. Today I made a third call to service rep Karen and was told she would step it up to her supervisor.

Well, is this another spin move on behalf of Haier America's customer service dept.? Maybe by Christmas if i'm good Santa will bring me one.

"Stay away from Haier America" unless you like nightmares.

Monetary Loss: $128.

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