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I have never really put my opinion down for any of the products that I bought on line and believe me I have bought a lot, but in trying to find out warranty information about a mini refrigerator that I purchased its like pulling teeth. No information, the number they give you sends you to the website where you cant find what your looking for all they say is call the 1-800 number and the dam number gives you the website as the answer.

Great, perfect, who is the genius that got that together if the company didn't want to extend the warranty all you have to do is say so. NO warranty period why all the running around and hiding, One simple answer that's all. Just wanted to know if there is one or not.

So that I can figure out my next step in fixing the piece or getting a new one. With all the trouble its cost me I know for a fact your company is the last one I will be looking at and as for word of mouth there will be none, you wouldn't want the kind of reference that I will give you.

Monetary Loss: $208.

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