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We purchased a wine cooler from Haier from BJ's and it was damaged out of the box. Made an even swap at BJ's.

The first replacement lasted 11 months, got a new one from Haier under warranty. This one was broken out of the box. Had a forth one (new) sent from Haier America, again! This one lasted about 4 months and died, too.

I remembered that I purchased it with Amex and are refunding my money through their warranty extension program. Never buy Haier America!

I cannot believe they can sell such a piece of junk! Chinese made, uh huh!

Monetary Loss: $129.

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I just replaced my long awaited fan only to find that the top portion to my unit doesn't function at all even with a new (wait 5 month ) fan. I am sadly disappointed with BJ's unit as I rec'd this as a gift from my son and it went dapoot after 13mos., Oh well live and learn, wish I new Chinese for that!


I have a 12 bottle wine cooler. When I plugged it in for the first time, it made a pop sound, sparked and gray smoke came out of the back.

I have called 7 times and emailed twice and only received a "solution" the 7th time. Each time they promised to call back, send someone out and send me labels to return the item and I heard & received nothing. I was totally ignored. I was beginning to wonder if the company existed!

The 7th time I received labels and was told to call and have somone pick up the unit. They are only able to refund me after they receive the item back. I do not believe them.

I feel I will not get a response after they take it away and I will be left with nothing. I will not buy Haier again.



Note;unit plugged in/Cooler does not

Turn on/operate/function???What is

fix???This is a 3rd request for fix???

Haier does not respond???Why have

techinal Support???




I agree they make the worst wine coolers. I have had one original purchase from BJ's and two replacements.

All were bad. They agreed that I should have a refund in Jan of this year and I have just today July 1, 2010, gotten a resolution to the process of receiving a refund. It is not to my liking since they are taking a 20% "usage" fee. Usage, that is laughable since none of them worked for any length of time and they made you cut off the cord to get a replacement.

I am now the proud owner of 3 useless wine coolers with no cords. Of course they did not work right even with a cord.

They are cluttering up my garage at the moment. Needless to say, I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HAIER!!!!!


I have a HVT12A.

Fuses on the power unit are the likely cause of the failures. I am attempting to determine the value for replacement but no technical information is available. I will update as I progress (unless the damned thing burns my house down).

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